Travel Insurance

Travelling without insurance is very risky – and could leave you with huge expenses if something does go wrong during your holiday.

You’re either someone who makes sure that travel insurance is in place the moment you’ve booked your trip – or someone who really doesn’t think it’s necessary.

What Does Private Travel Insurance Cover?

Single or Multi Trip Policies
Whether its single trip or an annual multi-trip policy, travel insurance is designed to cover major mishaps that occur whilst on holiday, from medical emergencies to lost or stolen luggage and natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and ash cloud.

Travel insurance is available as a one-off purchase for a specific trip, or as an annual/multi-trip policy giving cover for regular travellers.

Activities and risks
If your trip includes higher risk activities, it’s worth checking the small print to make sure the policy you have chosen includes cover for these. For example, trekking at heights, motorcycling holidays to 2000ccc engine size, scuba diving, sky-diving, white water rafting to name but a few.

You should also check the cover regarding cancellation and whether events such as natural disasters resulting in an ash cloud that prevents flights and travel is included.

Travel Insurance & COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on all travel insurance offerings and there are now many differences in cover.

Most insurers now offer ‘Covid-19 cover’, but it is unlikely that any of them will protect you from the full range of possible coronavirus-related incidents.
However, some policies offer  significantly more comprehensive than others and these should be front of mind when planning a potential post-lockdown holiday. Policies vary, offering complete cover including cancellation due to diagnosis of coronavirus, self-isolation without having a positive test and a government advice regarding travel to vary basic with just cover for emergency medical situations and repatriation only.

Travel Insurance questions

In a nutshell, no. The cover can vary hugely in terms of limits and exclusions. Make sure that the travel insurance you take out meets your needs.

Travel Insurance to meet your needs and your destination

We can arrange bespoke travel insurance to provide the cover you require:

  • Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure
  • Single or multi-trip/annual travel insurance
  • Travelling alone or with a family or group
  • Medical & other expenses
  • Cancellation or curtailment and travel delay
  • Personal accident
  • Personal baggage and money
  • Financial failure insurance
  • Winter sports, higher risk activities and golf extensions.

To find out more, simply telephone the office on 01865 953111.