Cyber and Data Risk

Cyber security and data protection must be considered as essential for all businesses.

With the headlines full of news about cyber attacks, how do you know if your company is at risk?

Hackers are not the only threat – today’s businesses rely on the internet for services such as online marketing, administrative functions, inventory management, credit card processing, and distribution controls. Any intrusion that disrupts delivery of these services can lead to brand and reputation damage, regulatory scrutiny, stakeholder dissatisfaction, and financial losses.

DynaRisk has obtained over 6.7 billion pieces of stolen information from the Surface, Deep and Dark Web and they continue to obtain more. This dataset includes passwords, email addresses, government ID numbers, credit card numbers, physical addresses, dates of birth and much more. This data is harnessed for the protection of clients to give them a view of what criminals have already obtained relating to their organisation and how they might use it to carry out their goals.

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It’s not just Cyber Crime that poses a risk to your business. On 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect in the EU and across the United Kingdom. The GDPR replaced the Data Protection Act (DPA) and ushers in expanded rights to individuals and their data, and places greater obligations on businesses and other entities that process personal data with increased fines.

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