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Increases in Motor Insurance Costs explained

The Government’s recent announcement that the Ogden discount rate is to be slashed from +2.5% to -0.75% has sent headlines  (such as this from the BBC) – and insurers into a frenzy. But what does it actually mean?

The Ogden Table is the way in which motor insurance bodily injury and fatality claims are settled – and the result of these changes could mean that motor insurance policies are potentially likely to increase.

The Ogden Table is a discount table implemented by the Government to help offset the costs of such claims. The insurance team at FOCUS believe that the implications of this could mean that the average motor insurance policy could increase by 10-15%.

Additional factors which could affect renewal premiums is a record high number in new vehicles being purchased – and such vehicles having enhanced specifications as standard, such as parking sensors and cameras. This has meant that “minor claims” such as bumper replacements are now more costly due to the high level of technology aimed at not only enhancing your driving experience but also making the roads safer.

Please be reassured that the motor insurance team at  FOCUS will continue to proactively research the market and provide our usual high levels of personalised customer service, to ensure that we continue to achieve the best value for money in terms of your motor insurance policy – not just the cost but also the level of cover and, importantly, how an insurance company will perform in the event that you have to make a claim.

To read our News Brief on the Negative Discount Rate, click here – or for more information, do not hesitate to get in touch.


A big thank you for your help with our car insurance

A big thank you to John and Kerry for all your help last week with Charlotte’s car  … she said that Kerry was just brilliant and sorted everything. She’s really pleased with her courtesy car!

It’s quite traumatic when an accident happens but it’s a huge relief to know that there’s FOCUS to turn to for support – thank you all so much!

- Patricia Williams

Amazing personal service

With very many thanks to Mat for keeping our motor insurance up to date with the changes required.

As ever, we appreciate the amazing personal service we get from FOCUS.


- Yvonne Dick

"You helped a million!"

Thank you John for sorting out my motor insurance claim and courtesy car for me. I just hope my little car is OK.

You helped a million!

- Nathalie Kernick

"I really appreciate the service I get from FOCUS"

As always John, thanks for your help with the renewal of my motor insurance.

I really appreciate the service that I always get from you all at FOCUS.

- David Postle

"So glad we were given your number years ago"

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to John for sorting out George’s car so quickly.

Your help in claiming from the third party insurer was much appreciated – not only arranging the repair to his vehicle, but making sure he had a hire car for the duration.

- Sue Huckle

"Both Tony & I are very grateful for the help John and the team have shown us."

We have indeed been extremely unlucky with the Range Rover, Jag and the loan vehicle this past year and were truly in need of your assistance with the insuranceclaims.

Once again John, thank you for all your assistance in these matters.

- Sherry & Tony Green