Public Liability Insurance

This vital cover is designed to protect your business in the event of a claim for an injury or damage to property by anyone visiting your premises.

Public liability insurance covers legal fees and compensation that become due as a result of a customer or member of the public making a claim for an injury resulting from an accident or damage to property occurring.

Why you need Public Liability Insurance

A duty of care

Almost every business will need some form of public liability insurance cover. Accidents can happen – and without adequate insurance, can be extremely costly. Anyone who visits your premises and suffers an injury or loss as a result of your business can claim compensation.

If a customer or member of the public makes a claim against your business for compensation, public liability insurance is designed to cover the legal fees as well as any compensation payment awarded. Even if your deemed not to be at fault, the costs can be significant.

Unlike employers’ liability insurance, it’s not a legal requirement to have public liability insurance. However, as a business owner, you have a duty of care to anyone visiting your premises. And the cost of not being properly insured if an accident occurs could financially ruin your company – and your reputation.

Public Liability Insurance provides cover for:

  • Slips and trips in any private or public area of your business premises. If something gets spilt by someone or something in your office and causes an accident, then you could be deemed liable.
  • Accidents such as items being dropped, falling or breaking whilst in use by a visitor and causing damage. Even if all precautions are taken, insurance for these unavoidable events should be seen as essential.
  • Damage, injuries or accidents caused by disrepair. Think about snagged office carpets, a screw head sticking out of a door or even tree roots that are on your premises.
  • Transport. Whether you have work vehicles or machinery such as fork-lifts, warehouse machinery or have goods being moved in transit, these all give rise to a risk to anyone coming to contact with them.

Public Liability Insurance questions

The amount of cover you need will depend on a number of factors specific to your business. These will include your business activities, the location and type of environment you operate from and the processes that your company uses – particularly if these include higher risk activities such as heat-related work. Cover is generally available from £1 million up to £10 million or even higher.

Insurance solutions to suit your business

If you need public liability insurance, it’s likely you’ll need other insurance solutions to protect your business.

From start-ups to companies with a global presence, we will tailor an insurance package to suit your needs.

Our approach is to get to know you and your business and help you identify your specific insurance risks. We’ll assess and then provide solutions to meet your requirements. We’re here to help as your business grows and changes and adapt your cover accordingly.

We like to talk to our clients in whichever way suits you – whether it be face to face, via web-meeting or on the telephone.

To find out how we can help your business, speak to our friendly team of experts.