Motor Fleet Insurance

Managing your company’s fleet of vehicles can be complex and time consuming – making sure the right people and vehicles are insured to keep your business moving.

A comprehensive Motor Fleet Insurance policy can provide the solution you need.

What Does Motor Fleet Insurance Cover?

What is a Motor Fleet?
Motor fleets are a diverse group. They can encompass anything from a two-vehicle food delivery business to a multinational office supply company.

Why Choose a Motor Fleet Insurance Policy?
With a bespoke Motor Fleet Insurance Policy, managing your company’s vehicles can be made easy. Compared to standard motor insurance policies, the average motor fleet policy is much more robust and flexible, making your job easier by reducing driver restrictions and allowing you to regularly add or remove vehicles from your policy.

Flexibility & Wide Breadth of Cover
Insurers usually define a fleet as anywhere from two to thousands of vehicles. The advantages of a motor fleet policy stem from its flexibility and wide breadth of cover. While standard motor insurance can only cover certain vehicles under certain policies, motor fleet can cover an assortment of vehicles with a variety of uses under one policy. This flexibility reduces the need for fleet oversight and thus lowers overall administrative costs.

Motor Fleet questions

Motor fleet insurance covers a fleet of vehicles used for business purposes. It is typically used by companies and business owners that operate a fleet of vehicles.

The fleet experts at FOCUS can place your motor business no matter what the size or type of cover needed:

  • Haulage and HGVs (including hazardous waste).
  • Car Fleets.
  • Van Fleets.
  • Tankers.
  • Coaches and Minibuses.
  • Cover from 2+ to 100+ vehicles

As your business grows and develops, your insurance needs will undoubtedly change. FOCUS will work with you to ensure that the exposure and risks faced by your business will be protected, leaving you with complete peace of mind.

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