FloodFlash – Case Study

Experiencing flooding is sadly stressful, especially for business owners. Luckily with FloodFlash in the event of a flood affecting your company you’re given protection.

This is the story of our client, Mr F, whose FloodFlash policy helped his business recover from the impact of severe flooding.

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Mr F has been a home insurance client of FOCUS for many years. As well as his main residence, Mr F also owns three holiday let properties in the Lake District.

The damage that can be caused by flooding is sadly an experience that Mr F is well aware of. Back in December 2015, Storm Desmond caused flooding resulting in damage to one of the holiday let properties, resulting in damage totalling in excess of £60,000. The repairs took a considerable amount of time and Mr F was unable to take bookings for the summer of 2016.

Mr F explains:

We were devastated – this had never happened before. However, the situation was compounded by the ‘old fashioned’ approach the insurance company took. This involved having to schedule and wait for a loss adjuster to visit who then had to write a report to confirm the extent of the damage.

We had to engage many different tradespeople to undertake repair work and also purchase replacement items. In each case we had to obtain multiple quotes. Repair was constantly delayed because at each step in the process we had to wait for approval from the loss adjuster before any work activities could be authorised. Rather than focus on recovering the situation we were constantly chasing the loss adjuster and waiting on approvals.

The insurance cover at this time had a £15,000 flood excess and a premium of just over £2,500. To cover the excess, an additional policy was in place for an extra cost of approximately £2,100, so a total premium for the holiday let properties of over £4,700.

As part of our ongoing commitment to our clients we constantly review their insurance risks and make sure we do our utmost to provide the best solutions.

Having been introduced to FloodFlash, Client Director, Roz Wright, felt that this could be the peace of mind solution needed by her client, Mr F.

Ahead of the September 2020 Roz looked at FloodFlash alongside an alternative provider for the main cover on Mr F’s holiday let properties. The existing provider had been taken over by another company – and more, importantly, introduced a new clause that added a significant excess applicable to both flood and storm damage, giving rise to a level of ambiguity regarding the cover provided.

Insurance is designed to provide peace of mind and it was clear that a different solution was needed. A new policy, excluding flood cover was arranged for the properties for a cost of £1,600 for all three premises.

The flood cover was then arranged with FloodFlash with three trigger depths giving a total of £125,000 cover:

£50k at 40cm trigger depth
£50k at 80cm trigger depth
£25k at 100cm trigger depth

FloodFlash premium £8,846.00.

Step 1 – Select Your Ideal Cover

Step 2 – Getting Your Sensor Installed

Step 3 – Claim

Whilst the overall premium for the properties had doubled, Mr F had the reassurance that he now had the cover in place for the risks he faced.
At the end of February 2021, Mr F and FOCUS were notified that the flood sensor had started recording due to heavy rain resulting in surface water. Roz spoke with her client to see how things were and at that time, Mr F was confident that the waters would subside before causing damage but was greatly reassured that the flood sensor was doing it’s job.

In March, Cumbria once again experienced flooding with rivers bursting their banks and significant levels of surface water.

On the 29th of March, Mr F’s property flooded once again. However, from an insurance perspective, things were very different this time around.

The flood sensor triggered in the early hours of the morning with a maximum depth of 42cm measured at 1.31am. This automatically set the claims payment process going, and Mr F received the £50,000 pay-out at 5pm the following day.

The total time from the flood trigger to claim pay-out was 39 hours and 29 minutes.

Roz always seeks to find the most appropriate insurance policies for our properties to meet our requirements. Based on our recent experience I would have no hesitation recommending FloodFlash

FloodFlash is an event-based flood insurance product available to businesses and landlords providing cover in locations that otherwise struggle to secure affordable policies due to their risk of flooding.