Flood Risk Insurance

Flooding is becoming more and more common in the UK – and the effect ever increasing. Storms are more frequent and have an ever increasing impact. In many areas, it can now be difficult to obtain flood risk insurance for your business as part of your commercial insurance package.

We can offer a different solution. FloodFlash is an event-based flood insurance product available to businesses and landlords providing cover in locations that otherwise struggle to secure affordable policies due to their risk of flooding.

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Is Your Business Safe If A Flood Happens?

With more and more parts of the UK being hit with year-round floods, the likelihood of your business or rental property being affected is increasing. And if you’re property is located in a flood risk area, it may be difficult – even impossible, to take out flood risk insurance.

Once flood water enters a building- whether it be an office, industrial unit, a rental property or even surface water flooding the external areas or grounds , there will be an immediate and potentially significant impact on the business. Even if the premises itself remains dry and above the water level – what if you, your staff and customers can’t gain access due to your car park or private access road being underwater?

If you’re unable to continue to operate, you need an insurance solution that pays out quickly so you can get concentrate on getting the business going again.

How Does Flood Risk Insurance Work?

Getting your required level of flood protection insurance has long been a complicated process for businesses. Working in partnership with FloodFlash, our team can provide you with  flood insurance cover quickly and more importantly, cost-effectively. The entire process from taking out cover through to making a claim is streamlined and simple, leaving you the time you need to run your business.

FloodFlash offers parametric insurance which is available to businesses and professional landlords. Each policy is linked to a mobile-connected sensor installed at the property. The sensor then reports any flooding. When the agreed trigger-depth has been reached, the sensor alerts FloodFlash and the claims process begins – no documents required.

Step 1 – Select Your Ideal Cover

You choose the trigger depth and payout value for your policy. Your location, business type and the height of business crucial elements, such as electronics or even your stock, will determine the ideal depth.

Our team of experts are on hand to help you and your business if you need advice in getting the correct level of cover.

Step 2 – Getting Your Sensor Installed

Verifying any flood claim can be cumbersome with lesser flood protection policies.

A FloodFlash engineer will visit your business to connect a flood sensor at your property, in the event of a claim the sensor will provide all the verification needed.

Step 3 – Claim

As soon as the installed sensor confirms the chosen trigger depth has been reached by a flood, payment will be arranged.

FloodFlash – A client’s story

The simplicity of FloodFlash cover and the speed of claims pay-outs offers real peace of mind thanks to the sensor being triggered if the chosen flood depth is reached. Even those who have experienced flooding previously are able to take out cover.

Read more about the story of one of our clients who experienced the benefits of FloodFlash first hand.

Common Questions on Flood Risk Insurance with FloodFlash

You can use the FloodFlash payout in whichever way you feel is best to get your business up and running again. That could be renting alternative premises, repairing crucial equipment that’s been damaged – or hiring a replacement, or simply dealing with the immediate impact of having flood water in your building.

Crucial Statistics On Businesses & Flooding

40% of SME’s don’t reopen after a flood

52% of Small Businesses on floodplains don’t currently have flood risk insurance

434,000 commercial properties have a recognised flood risk

*Statistics From FloodFlash Commercial Risk Report

What Do FloodFlash Customers Say?

In early 2020 Storms Ciara and Dennis swept through the UK. Many businesses were flood-damaged as a result, and those covered with FloodFlash had claims paid out in a matter of days.

The quickest payout happened at this time, just 26 hours and 15 minutes after the FloodFlash sensor detected water levels rising.

The rapid, pre-set payouts from their policies gave them the means to reopen their businesses far faster than a traditional flood insurance policy every could.