Business Travel Insurance

In today’s business world, it’s common for employees to travel for work around the globe. No matter which country they find themselves in, it is important that they get rapid assistance for any eventuality which may occur.

What Does Business Travel Insurance Cover?

Why do I need Business Travel Insurance?
When your most valuable assets – your employees – are travelling abroad for business, you want to be sure they have the help they need should something go wrong.

Meet your duty of care responsibilities
It is often those territories offering the greatest potential for growth and profit which are the most volatile and unpredictable, so businesses must be confident that their cover provides the most rapid response and comprehensive cover possible for their employees. Not only to protect their staff but also in order to meet their duty of care responsibilities.

Simple to buy
Business Travel and Personal Accident Insurance provides a wide range of cover but it’s simple to buy and delivers the promised benefits effectively. The injury and travel covers can be bought together or separately and a range of valuable services can be accessed through an assistance website.

Benefits for the company & insured individuals
Personal Accident and Business Travel Insurance can be purchased together or separately. Benefits for the company and insured individuals that can be used even without a claim.

The policy limits, and when and where the cover operates, are selectable.

Business Travel Insurance & Personal Accident cover provides the peace of mind you need in a world that never stops changing:

  • Terrorist attacks happen – and not always in the places you’d expect – Algeria was thought to be one of the more stable North African countries until the oil installation hostage crisis. Norway wasn’t on anybody’s list of danger zones until the bombing and shooting outrage by a home-grown terrorist.
  • A poor corporate response to a crisis can damage a brand’s image beyond repair – in a world of instant social media, poor handling of a crisis can escalate quickly and erode a brand’s image and value. Crisis consultants can be critical in handling PR to manage negative media reports, thus protecting a company’s hard-won reputation.
  • When the worst happens, an employee’s family needs every detail to be taken care of – escalating expectations of care mean that relatives may need to be flown out to be with an injured employee, have their accommodation arranged and be kept apprised of all plans for medical care, repatriation and on-going rehabilitation.
  • Traffic accidents injure tens of thousands of people every year – the UK may have an enviable road safety record, but traffic accidents still represent a high proportion of accident claims submitted. Other countries often have a more relaxed attitude to road safety leading to many serious accidents involving taxis, coaches and mini-buses.
  • Accidents resulting in disablement can mean that employees often need modifications to homes, cars and there working environment – often, the homes of newly disabled employees can need remodelling so they can manage, or their cars may need modification to keep them mobile, whilst adaptation of the workplace may be crucial in enabling them to stay with their employer. Rehabilitation to restore them to good health as quickly as possible can also include re-training for a new role.