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Whilst insurance isn't always at the top of everyone's agenda, having the right cover in place is vital to protect your home, possessions, cars and your lifestyle.

Choosing a trusted insurance broker can give you the peace of mind you need when it comes to arranging your insurance cover and can be absolutely vital when your requirements cannot be satisfied by an "off the shelf" standard policy.

As our personal wealth increases, we tend to own larger houses and acquire possessions with higher values that don’t fall within the limits of standard home insurance policies. 

Quite often garages, attics and outhouses are full of large, high value objects that get missed when assessing your contents, such as bikes and tools, and skiing, camping, sporting and gym equipment. Boundary walls, gates, fences, outbuildings, garden ornaments, swimming pools, tennis courts or car parking are often forgotten when considering what’s needed to reinstate a property to its original state. 

What’s more, precious metals and stones are also vulnerable to fast-changing fluctuations in the global market – for example, the recent increase in gold prices will have accelerated the value of many jewellery pieces.

In the modern world in which we now live, with connected homes and the internet of things, the risk of being hacked is ever more challenging- and has the potential of causing serious damage - not just to your finances, but also to your public reputation. 

Cyber risk management and insurance solutions go hand in hand to keep your lifestyle, family and reputation safe. All too often the headlines are highlighting the unfortunate stories of those whose lives have been invaded by hackers, often with considerable financial losses involved.

And turning to four wheels, luxury, rare and prestige vehicles – perhaps imported from overseas – makes the task of ensuring you have the right insurance in place increase dramatically. Can you be sure that online car insurance adequately covers you and your family for the Maserati? Obtaining cover for younger drivers can be especially difficult when performance cars are the vehicle of choice. 

Once we understand your requirements, we will make our recommendations and offer advice to ensure you have the cover you need and deserve.

As independent insurance brokers, we have access to the whole market – including specialist providers and niche products that are not available directly.

FOCUS has become a trusted and valued insurance broker to a great many clients and fellow professional advisers. We have been operating as professional broker to our clients for more nearly 30 years, and many of our clients have been with us since we started.

As with your solicitor, accountant and stockbroker, you would expect to be able to speak to your insurance broker whenever you need to – especially if you need help with a claim. Many direct insurance providers prefer their clients to engage with “online chat” facilities – or perhaps worse – telephone calls that are handled by an overseas call centre.

Providing a first-class service is at the heart of what we do. Our clients really value our personal approach and trust our advice, rather than having to search the internet or talking to a provider over the phone and never talking to the same personal twice. This is why our clients can speak to us whenever they need to.

Looking after our clients really matters to us and so providing support when you need. to make a claim or need advice on how to deal with a situation is part of our commitment to providing the best possible service to our clients.

What FOCUS can offer

Once we understand your requirements, we will make our recommendations and offer advice to ensure you have the cover you need and deserve.

Home Insurance policies can be arranged to include:

  • ‘All Risks’ worldwide cover, including theft, accidental loss and damage.
  • Specified cover for individual items guaranteeing you a speedy settlement, without quibble, following damage or a loss.
  • Cash or replacement option allowing you to replace an item with something similar from your own supplier, or keep the full cash settlement.
  • Cover for second/holiday homes – in the UK and abroad.
  • Household cyber cover to protect against and support in the event of a cyber attack on your home network.
  • Cover to include young/inexperienced drivers on prestige motor vehicles.
  • Travel insurance for both business trips and holidays, including options for competitive and extreme sports.

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