Case Studies

What our clients say about us. Real situations demonstrating how FOCUS can help not only with providing the right insurance solutions, but assisting with claims.

Home Insurance – Roz Wright

Having looked after my clients for many years, I encouraged them to take advantage of a free Appraisal offered by the Insurer to check their sums insured were adequate.

On having the Appraisal the Insurer established they were significantly underinsured by 40% which amounted to £700,000. In the event of a claim this would have been disastrous as the insurer would have only settled the claim based on 40% of the client’s sums insured. Potentially my client would have been massively out of pocket.

My client’s biggest asset is now fully protected and my client was extremely grateful.

Cyber Incident Claim – Paul Monaco

An SME client who took out a new cyber policy in last 12 months suffered a cyber breach whereby they were notified by Microsoft that one of their user account details was available on the Dark Web. The client then triggered actions to identify data types impacted.

We were notified of the breach and promptly reported this to their insurers who in turn appointed their cyber response expert partners RPC and Storm Guidance to deal with the incident and provide ongoing support and advise on how to deal with the issue and conduct forensic investigations into how the breach occurred and remedial steps necessary in minimising the risk of a future breach. In conjunction with RPC and Storm Guidance the matter was also notified to the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) within the timescales required under the General Data Protection Regulations Act 2018 (GDPR). It appears this was a Phishing Exploit.

Insurers agreed to waive the usual policy excess in respect to the claim for the incident on the basis that the client engaged with RPC and Storm Guidance.

This incident clearly demonstrates the importance of having Cyber Insurance as the Cyber threat is a very real one which has to be taken seriously by any type of organisation no matter how large or small or whatever industry you are in as it can effect anybody and having the right insurance in place with the support of Cyber response experts is crucial.

Life Insurance for someone with existing medical conditions – Madelaine Swift

Life insurance can become quite a difficult world to navigate, especially if you have an existing medical condition which can make finding the right cover and a provider willing to offer terms a real nightmare.

We were delighted to be able to help a couple who contacted us looking for a mortgage protection policy to repay their mortgage should either of them pass away.

Before talking to FOCUS, unfortunately both had been declined by mainstream insurance companies via their online platforms due to pre-existing medical conditions.  Any company willing to offer cover had looked to greatly increase the premiums to provide cover for their medical conditions making the policy too expensive and unaffordable.

I had an in depth conversation with the couple which enabled me to fully understand not only their financial needs should the worst happen, but also to discuss their medical conditions and how these affect their daily lives.

I was then able to approach insurance providers and negotiate terms to suit our clients needs.

This led to arranging a policy with a mainstream life insurance company that would not only give them the cover and therefore security and peace of mind they needed but for an affordable monthly premium.

Our clients were delighted with the outcome and feel reassured that they now have the financial protection they need.

Motor Fleet Claim – John Fedrick

A major client with a mobile catering fleet had breakdown cover included within their fleet insurance policy.

One of their catering vehicles had a mechanical problem when finishing at a site on a Sunday afternoon. The breakdown operator then firstly failed to collect the vehicle which needed recovering as promised, and when rearranged, they kept putting the collection time back and back, until it was left that our driver had to be collected by another employee to get home and they would deliver the vehicle to our client’s yard overnight.

On Monday morning the vehicle was not there. So our client called the breakdown operator and established that it has been taken to a depot 90 minutes’ drive away.

Our client contacted us and asked for our assistance. The situation was extremely urgent as our client had an engineer/mechanic arriving at their yard to fix the problem and the vehicle had to be on location in Wales for a television drama production the next day!

I made phone calls to the breakdown operator, the depot, back to the client, and back once again to the breakdown company. After some time, and escalation of the matter to management level, the collection of the vehicle was confirmed and it finally arrived at the yard just in time to be fixed and make the trip to Wales the next day.

As a further follow up, we pursued the breakdown company for compensation for their failure in handling the case. As result, our client received £100 for the inconvenience.