Portraits for NHS Heroes

The coronavirus pandemic may have brought difficult times and challenges. However, there are some real positive stories surrounding the crisis as well.

We at FOCUS thought we should share the wonderful work that one of our clients – Tom Croft is currently doing. Tom is an award-winning professional portrait artist, and, moved as we all are with the inspirational efforts of the key workers – especially those in the NHS, he decided to give something back.

He has gathered together many artists (now internationally!) who are offering NHS workers a free portrait with the idea to have an exhibition of all these true heroes when we are out the other side of lockdown.

Having completed his painting of A&E nurse Harriet Durkin, he has now introduced 500 artists to their subjects, who work on the front line in the fight against coronavirus.

The story behind Tom’s painting portraits for NHS heroes can be found on his website with more details of the other images that are being added here.

The story has made the BBC national news.

Well done Tom! We’re very proud of what you’re doing.