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FOCUS provides an individual protection service with the aim to redefine the culture around personal protection and life insurance.

We have a long-standing reputation for providing a bespoke service to our clients and can now provide a truly bespoke individual protection offering. The intention is to ensure that our clients’ lifestyles – not just their mortgage – is fully protected should the worst happen.

It’s now possible to truly make your life insurance policies work for you

We want to ensure our clients have the full range of protection that they need, and moreover, have a true understanding of their own risks and needs in the event of a claim. With protection providers now offering more and more benefits included in their policies, now is the time to start having a real discussion about protecting your future life.

Life Insurance and Trusts

One key benefit of any protection policy is the ability to place it into trust. A trust means that any pay-out is paid directly to your named beneficiaries and does not go through the process of probate, as the trust removes the policy pay out from your estate and is therefore not liable for Inheritance Tax.

Protection trusts are a simple yet powerful tool to ensure that your loved ones get the financial sum that they need, exactly when they need it. Most trusts can be completed via digital form completed by your adviser along with your protection application

Frailty and Dementia Cover

It’s a common fact that the UK has an ageing population, and with this comes the added worries of age-related diseases. Some protection providers are now offering frailty and dementia cover aiming to help cut the costs of later life care. This type of policy can continue so long as you continue to pay the monthly premiums after your initial policy has completed and can give a pay out on the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Parkinson’s or meeting the providers definition of frailty – the inability to perform daily tasks or requirement for permanent residential care.

This benefit can be invaluable to your loved ones in your later life.

GP 24/7 Access, Second Medical Opinion and Global Treatment

With more and more illnesses being covered by critical illness policies, protection providers have recognised the need for consultations with Doctors that are specialists in their respective fields.  This type of cover will pay for you to travel and stay in the country where our expert is located for a consultation and pay for the transfer of your medical records to your specialist. This means getting the best care options when you need it the most.

You can also be given access to live chat and video calls with a GP whilst you have your policy – taking away the need to take time off work for GP appointments for you or your family, with prescriptions being sent to your local pharmacy. The use of these services is not considered a claim by a provider and can be used as part of your day to day life.

Education Cover & Children’s Critical Illness Cover

Making sure that our families are taken care of should the worst happen is the most cited reason for our clients looking to review their protection needs. It is now possible to include your children onto your own policy from birth to age 21. This means if your child is diagnosed with a critical illness or passes away, you can be given a financial sum to help with the costs of care or to allow enough time away from work to grieve.

Children's Critical Illness Cover

Insurance companies are also introducing ways to truly ensure that your children can maintain their lifestyle should the worst happen to you. Some providers are now offering education cover, meaning in addition to your policy pay out, they will also continue to fund school and university fees, as well as additional costs if your child competes in high level sports and music.  They will even contribute to school uniform costs. This enables you to leave your children with lasting support through what may be the most difficult time in their lives and provides them support whilst they grow and become adults themselves.

Regardless of your personal situation, FOCUS are committed to finding a tailored solution to fit your needs.

We would welcome a conversation with anyone looking to review their life insurance arrangements.  We are also keen to speak to businesses and organisations to offer protection workshops to their employees and family members.

To find out more, speak to our dedicated Protection Adviser:

Madelaine Swift BSc Phys Hons, CeMAP

Telephone: 01865 953 123
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