Are you at risk from fines from the HSE?

HSE inspectors visit thousands of workplaces across industry lines every year, often arriving on-site without warning. Whether it be a planned inspection or surprise visit, your business can face serious ramifications for failing an inspection.

In fact, as soon as an inspector identifies a material health and safety breach, you will be fined by the hour for the time spent on the inspection and how long it takes to correct the breach. This fee currently costs a whopping £154 an hour.

You could face hefty non-compliance costs if a failed inspection leads to a prosecution. In fact, the average health and safety fine per conviction costs over £147,000.

What’s more – your organisation’s reputation could be severely tarnished from a failed inspection—resulting in lost customers and employee turnover.

This short video emphasises the importance of preparing your workplace for an HSE inspection to avoid costly consequences.

How can FOCUS help?

We have partnered with Xact to deliver Health & Safety services. Take a look at the following case study which outlines what is a very common situation:


  • A manufacturing company operating in the engineering sector with approximately 60 employees.
  • There was no formal Health & Safety structure in place with only some out of date template policies and risk assessments used.
  • The company had no external H&S support.


An employee had and arm amputated following an accident involving machinery in the plant (RIDDOR accident).


HSE investigated which resulted in:

  • Fee for intervention at a cost of £25,000 to the business (reimbursement of the HSE fees)
  • Improvement notices issued to the company due to:
    • NO H&S policies being in place
    • H&S Risk Assessments out of date

As well as suffering heavy financial penalties/losses, the company also incurred substantial interruption to their businesses in lost production / temporary closure / management time spent in dealing with the incident.

Xact would have completed all the risk assessments and put in place the Health & Safety policies, thus preventing the company being left open to the risk of punishment.

To find out whether your current Health & Safety procedures will keep your business safe, we’ve put together a simple assessment tool which you can access here.


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