Home Insurance – the household cyber threat

Cybercrime is worldwide and can happen to anyone, at anytime, anywhere – including attacks in the home.

The news headlines often carry stories about big businesses being hacked or having data stolen – but the risk is also a lot closer to home than you might think – quite literally.

Technology now plays a big part in our day to day lives, providing entertainment, communication with family and friends as well as being able to control our household appliances. For example, turning on the heating, the washing machine, the kettle, the lighting as well as home security systems.

And so the more technology reliant we become, the more at risk from cybercrime we are. The good news is that home insurance solutions can now include specific cover for cyber attacks in the home.

This real-life case study, featuring someone who works for Covéa – one of the leading providers in the home insurance market and one who offers cyber cover for the home, demonstrates how easily a cyber attack can happen – and the impact it has.

When reading the above you should step back and ask yourself – could this happen to me?

How home insurance including cyber cover can help

Here’s an example from Oak Underwriting of how their Cyber Assistance policy can help in the event of a cyber attack:

Mr G’s son received an email that had a corrupted file within it, which in turn led to a virus embedding itself on his laptop. His son tried to remove it and, during this time, Mr G’s daughter connected to the home system using her notebook, which also contracted the virus.

Both daughter and son told their father straight away. Mr G checked out his son’s laptop and his daughter’s notebook and immediately called to report that the virus had infected the home system, as he did not want to test any other electronic equipment just in case they also became infected.

In this example, Oak’s Cyber Assistance policy provides cover to family members living at the insured home and will remove the virus, restore the systems and any files that re retrievable, and offer support and advice on how to improve the system network.

If you would like to find out more about the home insurance cyber cover that is now available, then do not hesitate to get in touch.

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