The facts about diabetes and life insurance

With diagnoses of diabetes on the rise in recent years, the need for adequate levels of protection is becoming ever more present. However, unlike the past it is now becoming easier for someone diagnosed with diabetes to get some form of cover, whereas before this was just not possible.

It is now possible for diabetics living in the UK to be eligible for life insurance, and in some cases income protection. Insurance providers do now distinguish between type 1 and type 2 diabetes and treat them as such during the underwriting process.

If you have been living with diabetes long term or have just been diagnosed, you may now be eligible for cover. Different providers will ask different questions during the medical underwriting process, but there are some key points to bear in mind.


Being a smoker will increase the rating (cost) of premiums for insurance in almost all cases, but as this causes an increased risk of circulatory problems, heart disease and strokes – conditions already high risk factors for diabetics, this may mean a decline from an insurer if you have diabetes and are a regular smoker.

HbA1C levels:

It is likely that, as a diabetic that you will have had blood tests to check the amount of sugar in your blood. When applying for insurance, insurance companies will ask for the historic results of these tests and often ask for a new blood test as part of the application. As the result can give an indication of your risk of complications from diabetes, measuring and controlling these levels are important when it comes to the risks taken on by an insurer and they will have a range of acceptable levels within which an application for life insurance or income protection will be accepted.

Your Overall Health and Wellbeing:

Insurance companies will look at your overall health as well as risk indicators to determine whether you will be accepted for cover. This will include things like your height, weight and calculated BMI. When looking at cover for diabetics, insurers will often ask for a report to be completed by your GP to establish if you have had any historical complications from diabetes or if there are any high risks of complications based on your medical history.

Diabetes has never been a black or white diagnosis, and it affects everyone differently. Insurance providers are beginning to understand this and more and more we are now see providers offering terms to diabetics on a ‘case by case’ basis. This means that they will look at an individual, their lifestyle and risk factors individually when considering cover, rather than just declining as soon as the word “diabetes” is written on an application form.

If you would like to discuss the options available to you, FOCUS can help.

Our dedicated Protection Adviser, Madelaine Swift can talk to you and gain an understanding of your needs and advise you on the life cover solutions available.

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